We all love stories about warriors. Their tales of bravery, sacrifice, commitments, the legends about their swords and so on. They were the fiercest of fighters and deepest of thinkers and even though they are known for wars and battles, they were widely acclaimed as sources of subconscious mind mastery techniques.

They learned from nature and transformed this learning into a timeless wisdom.

What water teaches us about resistance?

The warrior sometimes behaves like water, flowing around the obstacles it encounters.

We all have challenges and roadblocks. This is the way of life. You have to prove yourself worthy of your goals. But, more often than not we exhaust ourselves in the battles that are not ours for the taking.

We need to preserve our strength for our primary goal.

Of course, there are situations where we are not left with an option but to act but I have personally observed that if we choose to look carefully, we can figure out a way around our roadblocks.

For instance, I learned this pretty interesting theory from the guy who also happens to be my mentor. He is a technical guy. Yet his product relies significantly on designing, user experience, and marketing. Instead of doing everything himself and diverting his energy, he chooses to focus on his strength and the core value of the product. He delegates all the other tasks to other competent people. This frees his time to focus more on the core product and thus adding value to the client which in turn means more business.

Not every challenge has to be answered.

A person on a mission is ever conscious of his actions. He knows that he will need every ounce of strength and energy to make it up to his goal.

Choose your battles.

What if we drill down a little further to our personal lives?

Do you often find yourself getting engaged in heated debate with your spouse, parents, and friends?

Our need to justify our point and knowledge takes over our need to maintain our relation. Many a time these arguments can be tackled by following the principle of ‘agree to the disagree’. You burn your energy with explanations and justifications but people will hear only what they want to. So, next time you find yourself in this situation, remember to flow around the obstacles.

A warrior understands that it is not necessary to win every battle but the WAR .

What water teaches us about complaining?

Therein lies the strength of water; it cannot be shattered by a hammer or wounded by a knife. The strongest sword cannot scar its surface.

A river simply flows. It does not complain about the stones, pebbles and other roadblocks along its path. It is ever aware of its single objective, i.e. the sea.

There is a strange anomaly in the human behavior. It not only dreams to live the life which only one or two percent of the world population is blessed with but wants to do it without paying the necessary dues.

You have to stop complaining about your challenges and just learn to flow. Not only it robs you of your mental peace but causes a far more damage to your spiritual life.

Read how complaining causes to get you more of the same.

We all have come to this world to discover our personal legend. This can only happen when we choose to embrace every challenge as a new learning opportunity. These roadblocks give you a chance to think different, learn different and act different.

Eventually, a time comes, when what you become in the process is far more valuable than the destination itself.

What water teaches us about absolute power?

So fragile at its source, it gradually gathers the strength of other rivers it encounters.

You start with an idea, invest your heart and soul into that idea and if you’ve done it right and for a sustained period of time, you will marvel when you see it become something else entirely.

As they say, ‘You can be anything if you just decide.’ Our reasons will show us the ‘how’. We only need to figure out the ‘what’.

If you need to reach from point ‘A’ to ‘Z’, then you need to figure out a way to reach to ‘B’ first. Most of the people are so overwhelmed by the mammoth gap between where they are and where they want to be that they don’t even bother starting.

You have to be open to new experiences. As you start on your journey to point ‘B’, you will meet new people, new sources of knowledge and wisdom that will guide you towards the next point.
You inculcate the new found knowledge, build on what you already knew, make few adjustments in your strategy and then move ahead.

You learn from your experiences, but one lifetime might not be enough to learn all the skills to be the master. That is why it is so important to get a mentor, meet people who have done what you plan to do and read .. read a lot.

There does not exist a problem which has not been already faced and fixed by people before us.

Reach out to the sources ..

Remember, a river starts as a tiny source of water. It meets new water bodies and adds their strength to it. After a while, it need not worry about any other stone, for now, the power is absolute.

Subconscious Mind Mastery and Water

The legendary icon Bruce Lee, had once suggested to be like water. There are three very important subconscious mind mastery techniques that we derive from observing the water.

  1. Always be aware of the goal — Fill your subconscious mind with the thoughts of achieving your goal. The subconscious will start working to realize the goals once it is fixed in your mind.
  2. Never complain — Challenges come but they have come to pass. But, if we resort to complaining, then they start to reappear in one form or the other. We get more of the same.
  3. Gather resources — Once your subconscious gets the clarity of your goals and you further strengthen it with visualizations and positive affirmations, the subconscious will conjure up the resources for you.

If you are aware of any subconscious mind mastery techniques, then do share with us.

Stay Blessed

P.S. This write-up is inspired by an excerpt from Manual of the Warrior of Light

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